used tires at 50 to 60 percent tread - Houston - call used tires

used tires at 50 to 60 percent tread — Houston

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We Have thousands Of Quality Used Tires For Sale. Most Of The Tires Have 75% Tread Remaining, And The Others Are Like Brand New. All Brands And Sizes Are Available, We AlSO OFFER COUPONS FREE WINDSHIELD REPAIR, FREE FLAT REPAIR FOR ONE YEAR, AND FIVE DOLLARS OFF NEXT STATE INSPETION. Call Today And Save Yourself Alot Of Money !!call 713-778-9484 dale....... Thank You In Advance !!!
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we are over stocked on certain size and we are giving special deals for two or four we do have some take-off tires and these are just what they bare and they are 25.00 and up. yes these are not brand tires so they will be your choice get but if you are the type of person that what -what you what and some good type with t 75 percent and a set that match if we have it call to see and call in advance so i can take the value of that certain type of tire call 713-227-5626 anthony

and to come a long with these special coupons like:

1. free rock chip  repair
2. 5.00 off state inspection
3. 5.00 oil change
4. year of flat repair